Innovative methodology of mineral exploration

Who are we

The GEONIKA company was established in 2016 by a group of Russian scientists to realize the potential of several major fundamental scientific discoveries.

The team of highly qualified specialists of the company are geologists, geophysicists, physicists and mathematicians.

We have developed a fast, reliable and inexpensive way to search for mineral deposits, as they say, "without leaving the office."

The customer saves money for the search and development of mineral deposits an order of magnitude. The risk of financial losses is practically absent in view of the fact that our method reduces the probability of an error to an insignificantly small value. Any point of the planet Earth is available to us for examination. We are waiting for your applications!

The essence of the methodology

The essence of the methodology «SYSTEM TARGET FORECAST» (hereinafter referred to as the STF) is the system analysis of the energy transfer of the masses of mineral substances taking into account the Earth's natural energy, in contrast to the traditional method of searching mineral deposits by studying the geological structure of the surveyed territory.

The methodology of the STF is based on several major fundamental scientific discoveries made by a team of scientists of our company, it is innovative and has no analogues in the world.

The methodology allows to give out information about the location of prospective areas with mineral deposits located on them, excluding lengthy labor-intensive geological exploration work.

Mineral resources for search:

  • hydrocarbons (oil, gas);
  • ores (metal, radioactive);
  • diamond tubes;
  • underground (ground) water.


Advantages of the STF methodology:

The presence in the territory of any personnel and equipment is not required for the survey.

An advanced survey of territories can be carried out without notification to the owner of the territory prior to issuing a license for geological exploration.

The difference from traditional methods of geological prospecting:

The effectiveness of the survey by traditional methods (for hydrocarbons) - 30%, on ore - up to 15%.

The effectiveness of the new methodology for locating prospective areas with the presence of mineral deposits is at least 96%.

Terms of survey of territories:

  • 50 000.0 - 100 000.0 square Kilometers = 3 - 6 months.
  • 100 000.0 - 1 000 000.0 square Kilometers = 3 - 8 months.

Survey of different territories can be conducted simultaneously.


The methodology of the STF allows:

Conduct an advanced survey of any region of the Earth, including the shelf, and determine the location of promising areas with the presence of mineral deposits.

Conduct a detailed large-scale survey to determine the coordinates of local sites with predictable deposits, using information about the location of prospective areas with the presence of mineral deposits, in the shortest possible time.

Assess the prospects and significantly reduce the risks of investment in geological exploration in the surveyed territories.

Reduce the time and costs of discovering new mineral deposits.


The methodology of the STF is unique in view of the large scientific discoveries that are based on it, and has no world analogues.

The customer, applying the STF, gets the opportunity to conduct an advanced survey of the territories of interest to him in various regions of the Earth, compile a register of projected mineral deposits, excluding the implementation of expensive geological exploration.

The application of the STF allows solving economic, geopolitical and geostrategic tasks taking into account the priorities of national interests. The STF provides stakeholders with information that provides the opportunity to make decisions, practically without the risk that is usually present in financing traditional mineral resource exploration projects.

A good economic effect may come from surveys of the following areas:

  • territory well studied in the traditional way;
  • unexplored or poorly studied territories;
  • densely populated areas;
  • Used areas, eg agricultural land.

Stages and types of work / who performs

Stage 1 (3-8 months, depending on the size of the territory)

Determine the territory for the survey.

To set a task for the survey and start financing works.

Conducting a survey of these areas.

Issue a map-scheme with the prospective areas marked on it.

Sign the Certificate of acceptance of the works of the 1st stage.

Stages and types of work / who performs

Stage 2 (3-6 months depending on the size of the territory).

Determination of a more accurate result in each perspective area.

Clarification of priority among promising areas.

Financing of the 2nd stage of works.

Obtaining a license for geological exploration from the owner of the territory.

Signing the Act of acceptance and delivery of works of the second stage.

Stages and types of work / who performs

Stage 3 (3-6 months depending on the size of the territory)

Carrying out seismic works

Determination of the exact contour of the area of the deposit

Financing of the work of the third stage

Determination of the depth of occurrence of reservoirs

Determining the location of the first drilling rig

Opening of productive strata and their study

Estimation of mineral resources

Signing of the Acceptance Certificate Act


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